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BoxedApp SDK 2.1, BoxedApp Packer 2.2

Released new versions of products of the BoxedApp series: BoxedApp SDK 2.1, BoxedApp Packer 2.2.
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What’s new?

Launching .NET Applications From Memory

We’ve issued new update of the BoxedApp SDK and BoxedApp Packer, which includes new function BoxedAppSDK_ExecuteDotNetApplication

A virtual file based on IStream


A new function, BoxedAppSDK_CreateVirtualFileBasedOnIStream, has been added to BoxedApp SDK.

What For?

To provide even greater flexibility, BoxedApp SDK now allows creating virtual files based upon IStream, the standard COM interface. A programmer can now solely define the behavior of a virtual file.

C++ / CLI – How To Use Managed C++ DLL when Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is not installed?

If your .NET application uses components written in Managed C++, you face the necessity to distribute Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable with it. If one attempts to launch such application in a system that doesn’t have the corresponding Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed, the user will get a warning “This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect”. Why this happens, and can that be done without installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable?

How to embed Flash Player ActiveX using BoxedApp SDK

OK, let’s get started.

One of the most important features is embedding ActiveX into an application. BoxedAppSDK_RegisterCOMLibraryInVirtualRegistry registers a virtual file in a virtual registry. In detail, it loads a specified file (LoadLibrary) and calls DllRegisterServer (exported from the DLL). All changes made by DllRegisterServer are saved in the virtual registry; the system registry remains unchanged… (click to read more)