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Use ActiveX components without registration

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Many applications use ActiveX and COM components. But all ActiveXs should be registered in the system registry to be used properly. This is a problem:

  • registration in the registry requires admin rights
  • sometimes registration influences to other applications
    for example, your application uses Flash 7, but another application requires Flash 9

  • your application should register an ActiveX at startup and unregister it when ActiveX is not needed anymore
    for example, your application is so-called portable application

How to solve the task using BoxedApp?

BoxedApp provides a very interesting function BoxedAppSDK_RegisterCOMLibraryInVirtualRegistry. This function does the same things as regsvr32 does. BoxedAppSDK_RegisterCOMLibraryInVirtualRegistry loads a file (virtual or real) and calls DllRegisterServer. What’s important: all changes of the registry save in virtual registry, not real!

So, when an application creates an ActiveX, COM subsystem finds all what it needs in virtual registry.

As a result, the system registry remains unchanged, and COM subsystem “thinks” that the ActiveX is really registered in the system.

Want to see in action! Download BoxedApp SDK right now!

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Author:  Use ActiveX without registration | Date:  November 12, 2010 | Time:  8:47 pm

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