We wanted to make a "Packed" version of our application, mainly for demo purposes (one single EXE with all data files embedded and no "installation" required). For that we had some particular needs : our application requires various service files, whose names and locations (at runtime) depend on the actual EXE name and/or location, and therefore are not fully predictable at build time.
That feature (env variables in BoxedApp Packer) allowed us to answer very easily to those needs, that would have otherwise require some scripting or additional developments. Finally, we did not have to change one single bit in our original EXE. I can also testify that the BoxedApp product team has been quite efficient, with a cycle time of a few hours (well, maybe you know some software companies who have support cycle times of months, if ever :)

Michel Lefebvre, www.systeam.fr

I finally had a chance today to create the boxed version, and it runs successfully on the live target machine - I'll be deploying it to other computers as needed. This will be a big help in making our systems more secure, as everyone has been running as a local administrator in order to use the program. Thank you so much for your assistance, and thanks for making BoxedApp Packer available for such a good price. Both ThinApp and Xenocode did what I needed, but at too high a price for a small business like ours (not to mention the per-user licensing fees on top of the packaging software).
Best of luck to you and BoxedApp!

- Michael Guslick
IT Manager
Matrix Packaging Machinery, Inc.

We are using BoxedApp SDK, for more than a year in our applications to virtualize a complete filestructure. This works very good and performance is better with each version released. We have had many contacts with support, and all our questions were answered very fast. We have had top quality assistance and the implementation of the BoxedApp SDK was very fast done. If you need a virtualization sdk, to use in your own programs this is the only solution available. For us, long term compatibility is very important, and so we are very surprised that BoxedApp SDK was Windows 8 compatible, long before the first release of the new operation system of Microsoft! It is also very elegant to release software as 1 exe-file, with all dll's, ocx's, helpfiles included and available to the program as virtual files. The main program can access those virtual files exactly the same way as real files! Thank you, for your great work at BoxedApp.com!

Carl Peeraer, Developer Emeritus Orontes Projects and freeware programmer for educational projects