EXE Bundle

BoxedApp is the exe bundle tool that packs or bundles your application into one single binary. Such application acts as a single executable that can be run anywhere and doesn't depend on any external resources. It doesn't require installation, keeps its original functionality and makes your software flexible, light and mobile.

First of all let's see what the exe bundle is.

Exe bundle as you can guess from its name is the tool that bundles applications files into one single package and also can be used as the file splitter, protector and compressor.

Where can it be applied?

The tool is widely used in various fields. It can be useful for:
  • System files,
  • Loaders,
  • Screensavers,
  • Start animations,
  • Close texts,
  • Welcome texts,
  • Nagscreens,
  • Video files,
  • Installers etc.

And what is the BoxedApp?

BoxedApp Packer is the application which is made to help you to compress your applications into self-sustaining executable files. This application doesn't require the installation for being run and used. What does it mean? It means that you can squeeze all the ActiveX controls as well as dynamic libraries, and all the kinds of files that your original application actually depends on into one single executable file. Besides you can run it just as a normal regular application that is installed the normal regular way.

What are the benefits of the BoxedApp?

  1. Being packed in one single binary, your applications now become ultra-mobile. You can run it instantly from the network location or from the removable disk. The applications in fact carry their original functionalities and are capable of utilizing the whole power of your computer. Yet, they don't require any special privileges and they don't affect shared PC resources, like disk space and registry. This is achieved because of the fact that the embedded objects are extracted directly into memory. They utilize registry and virtual space.
  2. You can expand the functionality of the single-executable applications and add plugins to them which take advantage of the special API, BoxedApp SDK API, that actually allows to create virtual files already "on the fly", work with the virtual registry, and much more.
  3. When your application starts you also can load the necessary DLL through the Internet or over the network and then use them just as if they were available on your hard drive.
  4. This way BoxedApp Packer is a wonderful tool that makes your software flexible, mobile and light.

What is BoxedApp SDK and when can it be useful?

BoxedApp SDK is the developer library providing the functions that help you to create virtual files, keys, values and fake registry entries. It is supported by 32-bit and x64 and is available in samples for VB.Net, C#, VB6, Delphi, and C++.

So when and where this application can be used? It can be useful when:
  • Application does not have the right for writing to the registry system and file system, but it must run properly;
  • DLL and files which should be kept secure are used by application, and that is why you can not save them to disk;
  • ActiveX is needed by the application but there is no installer as it should run instantly, without that installation (let's say when we speak about the portable application that works from flash card);
  • And other similar cases.

Generally speaking, now you can bundle all OCX and ActiveX components, as well as content files and DLL, all ActiveX and OCX into one single EXE file. BoxedApp SDK doesn't use temporary files and doesn't unpack those files to disk. To learn how to work with the tool effective, start your experience with demo version.

Download the application on your PC and enjoy smooth, comfortable and productive workflow that will certainly help you to save your time and reach better results.