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BoxedApp Packer is a packer application for packing exe files, DLLs, ActiveXs and other files into a single executable file. You can place all libraries that the original exe file depends on, ActiveX controls, and just all kinds of files in it.

The primary problem that BoxedApp Packer resolves is creating applications that don't require the installation. But, at the same time, you would be free to choose components for creating the application - you can use any third-party DLL, any ActiveX. Simply "tell" BoxedApp Packer which files the application depends on, and it will generate a self-sustaining exe file.

An executable file made this way doesn't create temporary files on the disk, it doesn't modify the registry to ensure that all the embedded files run as if they were real. The embedded files are extracted directly to the memory, while ActiveX / COM libraries are registered in the virtual registry.

Moreover, you can further expand the functionality of the obtained application by creating a plugin - a special DLL- for it. Plugins are called when the application starts or  terminates. Plugins provide a special API - BoxedApp SDK API, which allows creating virtual files "on the fly", working with the virtual registry, and a lot more. Thus, you can create truly flexible applications. For instance, your application, when it starts, could load necessary DLL over network or through the Internet and then use them as if they were really present on the disk.

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