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BoxedApp Packer supports variables that can be specifed in an overrided command line or in a virtual path:

  • <ExeDir> - a directory that contains the packed exe
  • <CurDir> - current directory
  • <any environment variable here> - an environment variable, for example: <ProgramFiles>
  • <BoxedAppVar:ExeFileName> - exe's file name (for example, "notepad.exe")
  • <BoxedAppVar:ExeFileExtension> - exe's file extension (for example, "exe")
  • <BoxedAppVar:ExeFileNameWithoutExtension> - exe's file name without extension (for example, "notepad")
  • <BoxedAppVar:ExeFullPath> - exe's full path (for example, "C:\notepad.exe")
  • <BoxedAppVar:OldCmdLine> - a command line specified when the packed exe started, you can use it to add additional arguments, for example: <BoxedAppVar:OldCmdLine> /NewSwitch
  • <BoxedAppVar:OldArgs> - a command line specified when the packed exe started without the exe path, for example:
    "<BoxedAppVar:ExeFullPath>" /C virtual.cmd <BoxedAppVar:OldArgs>
    Usage: packed.exe Arg1 Arg2
    It works as: original.exe /C virtual.cmd Arg1 Arg2

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