BoxedApp SDK Help

Shared Memory

All attached processes have access to the shared memory, implemented on the basis of memory mapped files. It's the type of memory that stores data of the virtual file system and virtual registry. Developer can allocate and release memory blocks in the shared memory. These actions are facilitated by the BoxedAppSDK_SharedMem_Alloc and BoxedAppSDK_SharedMem_Free functions.

BoxedAppSDK_SharedMem_Alloc returns a handler pointing at the memory block. To get the direct access to the allocated memory block, use the function BoxedAppSDK_SharedMem_Lock, which returns the pointer. Once the data from the memory block is read, or the block is modified, BoxedApp calls the function BoxedAppSDK_SharedMem_Unlock. This API is very similar to the winapi functions LocalAlloc / LocalLock / LocalUnlock / LocalFree.

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