BoxedApp SDK Help


BoxedApp is a family of products for meeting the challenges in the area of application virtualization for Windows ® operating systems.

Application virtualization is primarily a simulation of a filesystem ("virtual filesystem"), registry ("virtual registry"), COM/ActiveX subsystem (see registration COM libraries and COM servers), and the process start system ("virtual processes").

BoxedApp is based on the interception and emulation of system calls, which an application makes to call the operating system with its requests to create files, list, remove, read, write them, etc., requests to create COM objects, run registry-related processes.

BoxedApp SDK is a developer library for emulating the file system, registry and other Windows subsystems.

BoxedApp SDK comes as:

  • bxsdk32.dll (for 32 bit applications) and bxsdk64.dll (for 64 bit applications), which can be used from any development environment, such as Visual C++, VB6, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, Builder C++;
  • bxsdk32.lib (for 32 bit applications) and bxsdk64.lib (for 64 bit applications), a static library for Visual C++ (for all versions, from 6.0 to 2011);
  • BoxedAppSDK_Static.pas, a delphi file for static linking with applications written in Delphi or Builder C++ (for all versions from 3.0 to XE2);

Supports both x86 and x64 platforms. Supports all current versions of Windows, beginning with Windows 2000.

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