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The function registers a COM server, implemented as an executable file (exe), in the virtual registry, thus making the COM objects that are implemented in the server available to all the attached processes . This allows using COM objects without registering in the system registry .

There are ANSI and UNICODE versions (BoxedAppSDK_RegisterCOMServerInVirtualRegistryA and BoxedAppSDK_RegisterCOMServerInVirtualRegistryW).


[ C++ ]
DWORD __stdcall BoxedAppSDK_RegisterCOMServerInVirtualRegistry(LPCTSTR szCommandLine);

[ Delphi ]
function BoxedAppSDK_RegisterCOMServerInVirtualRegistry(
    szCommandLine: PAnsiChar): Longint; stdcall;
function BoxedAppSDK_RegisterCOMServerInVirtualRegistryA(
    szCommandLine: PAnsiChar): Longint; stdcall;
function BoxedAppSDK_RegisterCOMServerInVirtualRegistryW(
    szCommandLine: PWideChar): Longint; stdcall;

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