In this tutorial we will show how to pack an application created by a popular game engine, Unity, with the help of the BoxedApp Packer. You will learn how to create a single executable from the set of files that Unity creates as a result of building a project.

What for it might be necessary?

  • In order to hide the assets, the code.
  • To hide the fact that the game is built by Unity.
  • To simplify distribution: instead of hundreds of files you get one single executable file.
  • To create a single exe file to distribute on Amazon and other downloadable platforms: unfortunately, Unity3D doesn't have documentation on how to do this because it is not supported by Unity. BoxedApp Packer is to the rescue!

Let's pack the game!

For this tutorial let's take one of the Tutorial Projects that Unity provides, 2D Game Kit. Launch Unity, click on Download to the right of 2D Game Kit:

Download 2D Game Kit

Unity loads the project files and opens the editor. Click on File - Build Settings to build the project:

File - Build Settings

In the Build Settings window that opens, select Compression Method - LZ4HC, this will reduce the size of the files:

Build Settings

After building Unity will open a folder with files. There are a lot of them!

To verify that everything is in order, run the New Unity Project.exe:

Game is running well

Run BoxedApp Packer, click on Select - Browse..., select New Unity Project.exe. Next, add the remaining files that are required by the game. To do this, click on Add File, select the files New Unity Project.exe, UnityCrashHandler32.exe, UnityPlayer.dll.

Then click on Import Directory and import the following folders: Mono and New Unity Project_Data:

BoxedApp Packer project

To build the project, click on Build. Check that the packed game works as expected:

Packed game is running well