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Enables a specified option.

The following options are available:

  • DEF_BOXEDAPPSDK_OPTION__ALL_CHANGES_ARE_VIRTUAL (1), default value: FALSE - when the option enabled all changes are saving in virtual environment. The typical situation when this is useful is a registration of an ActiveX.
  • DEF_BOXEDAPPSDK_OPTION__EMBED_BOXEDAPP_IN_CHILD_PROCESSES (2), default value: TRUE - when the option enabled BoxedApp SDK is embedding into a child processes created by the main process.


[ C++ ]
void BoxedAppSDK_EnableOption(DWORD dwOptionIndex, BOOL bEnable);

[ Delphi ]
procedure BoxedAppSDK_EnableOption(dwOptionIndex: DWORD; bEnable: BOOL); stdcall;

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