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Creates a virtual file. The parameters are the same as in standard winapi CreateFile function.

There are ANSI and UNICODE versions (BoxedAppSDK_CreateVirtualFileA and BoxedAppSDK_CreateVirtualFileW).


[ C++ ]
HANDLE BoxedAppSDK_CreateVirtualFile(
	LPCSTR szPath, 
	DWORD dwDesiredAccess,
	DWORD dwShareMode,
	LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpSecurityAttributes,
	DWORD dwCreationDisposition,
	DWORD dwFlagsAndAttributes,
	HANDLE hTemplateFile

[ Delphi ]
function BoxedAppSDK_CreateVirtualFile(
         lpFileName: PAnsiChar;
         dwDesiredAccess, dwShareMode: Integer;
         lpSecurityAttributes: PSecurityAttributes;
         dwCreationDisposition, dwFlagsAndAttributes: DWORD;
         hTemplateFile: THandle): THandle; stdcall;

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